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Why Farm Chic Girl

What do a baby boomer, millenial and Gen Z have in common?



We are a multigenerational company!

It's time to bring the Farmer's Market to your doorstep! We are going to do this with Farm Chic Girl! Farm Chic Girl is for the City girl that yearns for the country and the Country Girl who craves the glam of the city! It is a company about Women helping Women. We have carefully handpicked items that are handcrafted by women throughout the state of Arizona. We want to get their brands to you so you can order more from them! Our unique Farm Chic Girl Box can be purchased individually or you can sign up for a subscription that will come out  quarterly with each season Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! Each box is a surprise and might contain tea, goatsmilk soap, handcrafted candles, gourmet salt and more! A subscription or a box makes a great gift too!Thanks for stopping by.

Meet our 3 cofounders:

Justine (CFO), Fer (ECD), Susan (CEO).